Building Maintenance

Investigation and assessment of all buildings components, dangerous safety equipment testing and certifying, preventative maintenance and repairs.

Buildings are constantly adjusting through seasonal thermal movements, experiencing constant expansion and contraction due to the wet and dry and temperature variations. Therefore they require constant attention to maintain optimum service and life expectancy.

Service Benefits

Keystone provides the services of investigation of all aspects of buildings from common components that regularly perish.

This includes:

  • all roof membranes
  • painted areas
  • concrete
  • brickwork
  • rendering
  • gardens
  • walkways and floors, including tiling
  • paving
  • all landscaping need

Everything you need to assess, test, certify, prevent and repair

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Keystone has successfully helped many clients with various problems such as waterproofing issues, concrete repair, epoxy injection, epoxy floors, slab strengthening, from brand new build to heritage listed.

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