4 Simple Tips for Building Maintenance in June

The weather in June can be unpredictable. You can still have the last of the hot days but you should start to expect some extreme storms and rainfall. The start of winter can have a huge impact on your property. To help prevent damage to your building, we have compiled some tips for you to protect your property from the wet June weather. Conducting building maintenance now can save you thousands in the long term.

Keep an eye out for roof leaks

Often, roof leaks can be spotted quite easily.  An indication of a leak could be water dripping from the ceiling or dark discolouring on walls. However, sometimes they are subtler and may not be detected. Roof leaks can be extremely problematic and cause serious interior and exterior damage if not fixed.

sign of leaking roof

One of the biggest culprits for leaks is unfitted roof flashing. Regular inspections for damaged or loose flashing around chimneys, skylights and vents will help prevent leaks. If need be, replace worn out flashing and have any gaps or holes repaired. If you are unsure always seek the advice of a professional roofer.

Do not neglect your gutters

clean your gutters

If you do not maintain your gutters, they will clog up with debris and cause water damage to your property.

As Autumn has just passed, plant debris is common and once coupled with heavy rainfall your gutters can be pushed to their limits. Neglected gutters can create leaks, cause rotting and attract rodents.

Clearing your gutters at least twice a year is recommended. If your property is situated in an area with high trees that shed frequently you may have to clean out your gutter every three to four months. Clogged up gutters will ultimately overflow and allow water to infiltrate the foundations of the building.

The best method of cleaning out your gutters is using a ladder and clearing out the debris with your hands. Always wear protective gloves and take necessary safety precautions when using a ladder. A high-pressure hose can also help relieve debris in downspouts.

Prevent window leak

maintain windows

Moisture that seeps through leaking windows can create structural issues for your property. It is imperative that you determine the cause of the leak and take necessary measures to repair or replace the window.

If the water is entering the window via the edges, usually an effective remedy is removing the old layer of caulking and adding a fresh layer around the perimeter of the window panel.

If this fails and the leak has become serious enough to spread to the structure of the building, you must get the window replaced to prevent any further damage.

 Prune tall tree branches regularly

 prune treens maintenance

Large trees are great in Aussie summers for providing shade and keeping our properties protected from the harsh sun. However, once summer is over it is integral to manage and clear any overhanging branches and bush that surround your property.

High winds may cause overhanging branches to break off and damage the roof and shingles of your building. Keep an eye out for any rotting or decayed branches, as these are more susceptible to breaking off. Take care when cutting down tree branches and seek the assistance of a professional if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

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